This project was a collaboration between a local makeup artist, model and photographer. Part of this photoshoot was planned during the COVID 19 pandemic and pre-shoot planning was done almost entirely virtually. In a brief reprieve from our lockdown, Aria, Marley and Shaun came to the shop for fittings.  After putting the pieces on and taking some quick phone-shots, the crew went home and planned the shoot’s details like the setting, makeup and accessories for the various looks.

Aria rocks this modern Cinderella look by reviving this 80’s baby blue prom dress. The Jordan’s, the pearls and the burnt down building brought brought the  mood and sass to this delicate look. Here’s what our photographer, Shaun, had to say about this shoot:

“What a better way to make the elegance of this beautiful dress and MUA styling pop than to shoot this piece at an abandoned industrial lot with a cool pair of kicks? We had a chance to also experiment with a little fish-eye lens to create some really cool warped scenery that wraps around each photo.”

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