This project was an independent production by a local photographer and friend of the shop, David Adelaja. The outfit, inspiration, model and creative direction was completely self-produced by Dave. Here is what he had to say about the process behind this shoot:

“Working with Donny was a breeze, dude is so laid back and so chill. He’s open to ideas and he brings his own ideas to the table as well which for me personally, is great. He was also super excited to do this. Every time I showed him a photo on the camera he’d suggest a better way for him to look or to present himself and that’s the mark of someone who’s serious and wants to be better.
He’s all about having fun with it and I respect that. As much as we’re trying to do something and we have to be serious about it we need to leave in some room for fun, the possibility of playing in it as well as carrying out the desired task and Donny does that so well.”

David Adelaja



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