This project was an independent production by a local photographer and friend of the shop, David Adelaja. The outfit, inspiration, model and creative direction was completely self-produced by Dave and his crew. Here is what he had to say about the process behind this shoot:

“The inspiration was very close to home in a sense, I’ve always loved working with a wide open scene, just land for miles and miles and since there are no deserts here the next best thing was the county (lol).  I’ve always wanted to showcase a sense of innocence and vulnerability and I honesty couldn’t think of anyone else who I’d rather have work on it with me that Haley. She’s got a beautiful mind and she honestly said everything I was thinking while we planned the shoot. Haley was the only person on my list so without her his probably wouldn’t happen. My good friend Shayenna was there too as a second photographer to tag along and get some great shots. My friend Mike Mele also helped us out with his truck moving us out into the county and driving us all over the place, he also got some sick BTS footage. It was a super fun collaborative process.”

David Adelaja


haley mai