This project was a collaboration between a local makeup artist, model and photographer. Part of this photoshoot was planned during the COVID 19 pandemic and pre-shoot planning was done almost entirely virtually. In a brief reprieve from our lockdown, Aria, Marley and Shaun came to the shop for fittings.  After putting the pieces on and taking some quick phone-shots, the crew went home and planned the shoot’s details like the setting, makeup and accessories for the various looks.

 Featuring a sleeveless knit jumper, layered with a basic white t, this look is straight out of the late 90’s. We know the 70’s fashion trends had a massive revival towards the late 90’s, so naturally this 70’s “baguette” bag was the perfect addition to the ensemble . It’s all about the details in this getup, from the star-shaped frames to the hair barrette, Shaun, Aria, and Marley, “were trying [their] best to channel some early millennium essence with this outfit”.  Shaun also noted that in this shoot he, “wanted to take an editorial approach…so the viewer felt as though they were thumbing through some pages of a teen pop magazine from 1999”. Before Instagram, the original #ootd style inspiration came from flipping through the pages of SEVENTEEN, Teen People, BOP, J-14… to name a few. These now ancient relics are hard to find, but we think Shaun, Ari and Marley did a pretty great job of taking us down memory lane for a moment with these look-alike shots.

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